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Have you ever seen an “About Me” or “About Us” page online that was just plain boring? What made it boring? Walls of text with no multimedia to be found? An outdated website? The same formula with nothing to make the page unique?

This week, we used a tool that can solve all of these problems!

One of our activities this week was to create our own “About Me” page using Tackk. At first, I found navigating the site to be a bit tricky, but once I played around with it and got the hang of it, I loved it! I like that Tackk is a combination of social media and a site where you create your own web page, so you can connect to other users and see cool stuff on your home feed as well as create your own page.

I also like how vibrant and engaging the site as a whole is. It’s very modern but not too overwhelming, and it definitely beats the outdated sites that some schools are still using. The only limitation is that Tackk only lets you create one page at a time, but with some creativity and linking, you can still use it to make an entire website.

My favorite part about Tackk is the multimedia. Tackk lets you connect to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, embed videos and audio, upload and caption pictures, and so much more. There are also a ton of options for backgrounds, fonts, and colors. With all of the options available, I think it actually takes more effort to make a boring page on Tackk than an engaging one!

Check out my own About Me page!

I will definitely use Tackk in my future English classroom, and I can see a variety of ways that I can incorporate it. Some of my ideas are:

• Using it for my teacher page (or a supplemental page if the school I work at uses something different)
• Having students make their own About Me pages at the start of the school year
• Assignments such as journals, projects, and portfolios
• Using it for my teacher portfolio (or something to put in the portfolio!)

Tackk is a much more engaging and interesting way to create an About Me page or complete an assignment, and I’m excited to use it and have my students use it in the future.

For more information and idea, check out this video on how to use Tackk in the classroom:


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